Earth has been changing since it existed

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I read your article on climate change. It seemed to me to be pretty mild and basically correct. I was amazed to read in today’s A.M. Costa Rica some of the letters criticizing it.

I know that so called climate change is like a religion to some people, and they will never even consider another point of view. This type of people generally come from the leftist part of the political spectrum. They are anti-capitalist and hate fossil fuel energy.  So they always work these hatreds into the conversation.

As you stated in your piece, the earth has been changing ever since there has been a earth. It has been a lot colder than it is now, and it has been a lot hotter. For some time we have had an atmosphere of greenhouse gases that warm the earth and enable life as we know it to exist here . These gases are of several types of which carbon dioxide is a minor one . Some say that the carbon dioxide we are adding now is causing warming now. Maybe so, but show me the proof. They can’t. All they have is a theory and some computer models that have not been right yet.

In fact, the calculations are so complicated that the computers we have now will never be able to make accurate predictions . There are so many unknowns that even trying to predict future atmospheric changes is futile.

That is not the point however. The argument is not scientific but political. They want to kill our economies and make us all dependent on their socialist governments’ handouts. It is all about control.

Remember: There are no experts in what is unknown. And we have a lot of unknowns here and, therefore, no experts .

Bill Pitts
Fort Worth , Texas


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