Editorial is called truly amusing

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I’ve read your rag for years, carefully gleaning the few bits of useful news and information from the litter strewn,  mostly hollow pages of  “news.”  The “news” that you present, although hardly unbiased, usually has its’ biases fairly well concealed. Editorial or opinion pieces are just that, not news.

I’m writing in reference to your latest little ditty regarding global warming.  It is truly amusing, as well as revealing.  I’m sure that your latest exposure of your true colors will continue to enlighten and entertain those of us who are interested in the real news, as opposed to your “news.”   I love to be entertained, and you are doing a good job!  I especially liked your statement “Proponents of global warming see a placid past.” Who are these people? The Koch Bros. ?

I have a lot of time on my hands lately.  Think I’ll write some of your advertisers a nice letter.

William Jackson   
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