Ex-investigator ran burglary and robber gang, Poder Judicial says

The Poder Judicial said Tuesday that a gang of crooks led by a former judicial investigator specialized in nighttime burglaries at businesses.

In addition, the gang is accused of nine aggravated robberies at clothing stores, jewelry outlets and shoe stores in San Ramón, Heredia, Grecia, San José, Ciudad Colón and Cartago.

In seven raids Tuesday law enforcement officers detained four men and two women. They identified the former investigator by the last name of Alpizar. He was detained at his home in Ciudad Colón, official said. They added that he left the judicial police in 2000 due to a disability.

The gang was precise in its crimes because it spent a lot of time casing the store, sometimes acting as customers, said the Poder Judicial. If the gang chose to visit the location at night, crooks had tools to cut the chains and easily gain access to the metal security curtain in front.

Then when they left, they replaced the chain and lock with one of their own so that police passing by might not suspect a burglary had been committed, said the Poder Judicial and the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The crimes attributed to the gang run from August to December, the Poder Judicial said.loot021815

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