Extortion schemes may be proliferating

There is a troubling new development in the proliferation of extortion schemes.

There have been several reported to law enforcement and there have been some arrests, including four persons detained last week.

However, there is the possibility that some crooks have followed through on their threats and killed a victim. A businessman died in Tibás Saturday afternoon when a gunman on a motorcycle pulled up and shot him six times in the head.

The man had been getting repeated threats, and it will be up to judicial investigators to see if the threats qualified as extortion.

Last week two older men, who had just received an inheritance, began to get threatening calls and text messages. The callers promised to inflict injury unless they received 10 million colons, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. That’s a bit less than $18,000. The two men contacted judicial agents.

That resulted in the arrest of four men Tuesday in Paso Ancho.

The killing Saturday in Tibás resulted in the death of a 56-year-old man with the last name of Jiménez. The location was the Cinco Esquinas section where the man operated a business.

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