Former Banco Anglo office begins its second 100 years downtown

Mention Banco Anglo to many Costa Ricans and they will roll their eyes.

This is the bank that officials shut down in 1994, and managers accused of pilfering the institution still have not been brought back to Costa Rica.

In the shambles of the bank failure there still remains the building that housed it. The bank itself was founded in 1863, but the offices suffered a major fire in 1915. The result is the building, now 100 years old, on the downtown pedestrian mall.

The government owns the structure, and it houses a gallery, the Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio  Cultural and the Academia Costarricense de la Lengua. The building underwent a major renovation under the eye of the centro, which restores historic structures.

The neoclassical exterior is well known to passers-by and the steps are usually decorated with street musicians, vendors or beggars. Officials marked the birthday this week with a ceremony, and a photo exhibition of the structure will be set up soon.

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