Lawmaker seeking to reopen access to Volcán Turrialba national park

A big tourist attraction is the Volcán Turrialba and its national park. However, the park has been closed because of eruptions of the volcano. Although the volcano frequently emits steam and gas, tourism interests are seeking to have controlled access to the park surrounding the mountain.

Paulina Ramírez Portuguez, a lawmaker, notes that the park and volcano represent major tourism draws to the area. The lawmaker said that she, the mayor of Turrialba, María Elena Montoya, and Wilhelm von Breymann, the minister of Turismo, are seeking support to have the area opened up.

The national emergency commission has closed access for safety reason. The park had been closed from 2009 to 2011, and then the park was closed again in 2013. The last major eruption was in October.

The lawmaker’s plan is to hold a meeting among tourism interests, business interest and the emergency commission. She also said there is a plan that will be introduced to the legislature to create a trust to provide money for repairing the access roads to the park. The roads would plan an important role in an emergency evacuation.turrialba022515

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