Lawmakers concerned by firm’s partial exit

Lawmakers Thursday afternoon expressed their concern that another firm has decided to move part of its operations out of Costa Rica.

The firm is Jack’s, which said it would transfer 50 percent of its operations to the United States, Nicaragua, El Salvador and other Latin countries.

The 51-year-old firm blamed the high cost of electricity and taxes.

The announcement is another body blow to the Luis Guillermo Solís administration’s plan to increase employment.

Jack’s is located in western Pavas not far from the U.S. Embassy. The basic products are snack foods.

There was no announcement as to how many of the current 700 employees would lose their jobs.

For a firm like Jack’s the corporate income tax is 30 percent.

At the legislature lawmakers noted that the current unemployment rate is 9.7 percent representing about 220,000 persons.

Opposition lawmakers in the legislature blamed the government for giving contradictory signals.

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