Lawmakers have some Ruta 32 doubts

The Ruta 32 highway proposal seems to be running into troubles on the floor of the legislature. Lawmakers from Frente Amplio expressed what they said were additional doubts Wednesday on the job that will go to a Chinese construction firm.

Frente Amplio said it wants to hear one more time from Carlos Segnini, the minister of Obras Públicas y Transportes. That drew criticism from other lawmakers who are steamrolling the bill through the legislative process.

The executive branch said that the bill has the highest priority. The administration hopes to have the bill approved by the end of the month to meet a deadline imposed by the government of China.

The Chinese government is providing $395 million, and Costa Rica is putting up $90 million for the job.  A condition of the Chinese loan is that the China Harbour Engineering Co. do the job. That requirement does not sit well with Costa Rican construction firm operators.  Legal action may follow that will set back the government’s plan.

The job is from Limón to Río Frio, some 107 kilometers. This also is the main road into the Central Valley.

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