Leprechauns figure in new short stories

Expat author Albert A. Correia has penned a book of short stories with a

strong emphasis on leprechauns.

He describes the stories as:

• Little Coleen finds a coin that has escaped the Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

• A managing editor is determined to prove once and for all that there are no pots of gold and that Leprechauns don’t exist.  It leads to readers finding out why so many computer programs go haywire.

• A mayor decides not to heed warnings and goes out to watch a Shakespeare play on a stormy Ides of March night.

• Paddy gets up early to put his sure-fire scheme to capture the Leprechaun’s pot of gold into action.

According to Correia, a former California resident, all the stories are based on prompts from two writer groups, one in Costa Rica and the other, online, is international.

The small book, the second in a series, is available as a digital ebook and in paperback.

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