Motorists do not always get the best fuel at pump

Last year 57 of the nation’s gasoline station were found to be deficient in from one to four technical rules involving their product.

These included sediment in the fuel tank, the amount of the fuel being dispensed, temperature, color and the presence of water in the fuel.

Two popular service stations in the Central Valley scored four deficiencies. They are Navieras Americanas NASA, S.A., in San Francisco Heredia, and Súper Estación de Servicio La Castellana, Ltda., in San José, said the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos.

Only 348 of the nation’s service stations were checked. Some of the stations in violation were repeat offenders.

Foreign material in fuel can damage vehicle engines, and higher temperature gasoline021215can reduce the volume of fuel actually sold.

The agency has set up a Web page some expats can check their local station. The data base is HERE! Readers need to look under energía and hidocarburos then under the name of the service station.

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