New dock and grain-handling facility goes into operation at Caldera

Since 2001 the government has been working steadily to improve the condition of the port at Caldera.

The success there is in contrast to strikes, walkouts and continual unpleasantness that have marked the ports at Limón and Moín during this time.

At Caldera on the Pacific government workers agreed to a buyout to allow a private consortium to take over the docks and make improvements.

The success of these policies could be seen in the inauguration of a new terminal at the docks Thursday. This was a job that took three years.

The project includes an investment of $36.5 million and a dock 180 meters long, nearly 600 feet. The project is expected to reduce the expensive waiting time for cargo ships at the dock. The new terminal is 6,000 square meters.

The dock is operated by the Sociedad Portuaria Granelera de Caldera S.A. The new facility doubles the size of dock space. Although the dock is primarily for grain ships, there is equipment to handle other types of cargo including a 450-ton mobil crane.

Workers on the Caribbean also were offered a buyout, but the union there rejected the plan.

APM Terminals is about to start work on a new $1 billion container handling facility at Moín, a concession project that has been opposed vigorously by union workers.

The government has agreed to make an investment in the public docks, too. Another firm also says it will put in a port facility at Moín.

In both sides of the country, the ports are considered key elements in the economic health of the areas.caldera021315

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