Officials turn their sights to the 1,560 security firms in country

Private security services are getting a close look after investigators claimed that one was importing firearms for resale outside the country.

The security ministry said Wednesday that there were an estimated 1,560 firms providing such services in the county. Only 443 have been authorized fully by the Ministry’s Dirección de Servicios de Seguridad Privados, it said.

Not being authorized within the agency’s computerized data base means firms cannot enroll new employees, import weapons or offer services. Many are in the process of providing the paperwork and information that the ministry needs to put the firm in the database.

The firms, themselves, are licensed for five years by the agency.

The ministry also noted that there has been a falling off of weapons being imported. In 2012 there were 5,799 weapons brought into the country. Last year the number was 4,168, the agency said.

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