Police frustrate one window breaking

Window-breaking thieves continue to prosper along the Circunvalación in Hatillo.

These are the crooks that target woman drivers and smash the passenger side window to steal purses.

Police on motorcycles managed to run down one suspect about 9:20 p.m. Sunday in Hatillo 8. A crook smashed the window of a car while the woman driver was stopped at a traffic light in Hatillo 8.

The police officers on motorcycles were able to capture the 20-year-old suspect and said they recovered the woman’s possessions.

This type of crook is called a  quiebravidrio, the Spanish for window breaker.” The crimes can happen anywhere traffic is halted. There was a run of such crimes at traffic jams in Escazú two years ago.

Usually the window breakers are assisted by spotters who direct them to vehicles where the occupants have left something of value on the empty front passenger seat.

Police have been staking out likely window-breaking locations. Hatillo with its proximity to lower income housing has been where the most frequent attacks take place.

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