Police, stung by news story, plan drag race actions

Traffic and police officials had a rude awakening Wednesday when some of their officers were quoted in a Spanish-language daily saying they are afraid to confront drag racers.

The front-line officers told La Nación that many of the drag racers are carrying drugs and weapons.

The comments validated the complaints of some expats who say they witness drag races all the time and that there never are police officers around.

That news story was the impetus of a meeting Wednesday morning of law enforcement officials who promised later to crack down on the drag races.

Police had been saying for a week that they were taking aggressive steps against drag racing, something that was contradicted by their own officers.

Police quickly noted that 10 vehicles had been confiscated in three days, but the confiscations came from violations of other laws and not drag racing.

Traffic police and the Fuerza Pública most likely will crack down on some drag races over the weekend to prove they are on the job. The locations are well-known.

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