Pulsed therapy seminar set for Saturday

The benefit of  pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is the topic of a free seminar and demonstration Saturday in San Isidro de El General.

The presenter is Renata Beffa of San Jose’s Healing House, who characterizes the therapy as a non-invasive and pain-free treatment which stimulates the same meridian points as acupuncture.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved several devices that generate the electromagnetic field.

This is the system NASA uses to treat astronauts, athletes use to recover from sports injuries, and Linus Pauling and others have employed to stay young and vibrant, said a release about the 11 a.m. seminar, which is at Bazookas Restaurant on the Interamericana highway in San Isidro.

The therapy can be administered by a device called a MicroMat a flat electromagnetic field generator.

The technique was pioneered by veterinarians who used pulsed therapy to help horses with fractured legs. The pulses have a positive effect on bones and can help them knit.

The announcement said that the therapy has evolved from alternative to traditional medicine in recent years, with many prestigious hospitals and clinics using devices with remarkable and measurable results.  The therapy has been shown to benefit everything from arthritis, to circulation, to digestive disorders, sleep disorders, and cell regeneration, as well as many other conditions, it added.

Reservations are requested at 6036-4283.

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