Residents association reports Piercy was kidnapped

The residents association broke its silence on the whereabouts of Ryan Piercy Thursday and told members that the organization’s general manager had been kidnapped.

There was no other relevant information in the 101-word note from Terry Wise, board president of the organization, the Associations of Residents of Costa Rica. There also was no indication how Wise knew this.

The status of Piercy had been a mystery after his vehicle was found abandoned the night of Jan. 20. Judicial agents declined to comment, and there was no effort to receive help from newspaper publicity as is usually the case when someone simply is missing.

In addition to his role as general manager of the expat organization, Piercy, 45,  also was involved in the family investment business, Casa Canada S.A.

The note from Wise said that the association’s board, the administration, along with Casa Canada Group have been praying for a prompt and successful resolution.

“The ARCR Board wants to inform members that ARCR misses Ryan’s presence in the office, he is a very important part of its office staff, Wise said. “However ARCR  office staff with the support of Casa Canada Group and Board members are very capable of continuing the operations and duties of ARCR as normal until Ryan’s return.”

In fact, the residents association has a regular first Friday lunch planned for today at Casa España.

El Diaro Extra, the Spanish-language newspaper, created some confusion when it reported incorrectly that Piercy’s son also was missing. The association staff quickly denied that report.

Piercy is well known to expats due to his position with the association. He is basically the representative of a number of expats who come to Costa Rica seeking residency or other services.

The association, for example, maintains a mail service for some expats and also provides group insurance with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

The association also runs seminars for potential foreign residents.

Piercy has been quoted frequently in A.M. Costa Rica.  He is a Canadian who assumed Costa Rican citizenship.

His wife is a Costa Rican and has been associated with the Canadian Embassy.

Casa Canada S.A. specializes in helping Canadians invest here.

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