Robbery suspect dies in shootout, but two police officers wounded

Fuerza Pública officers surprised two robbery suspects on a motorcycle Thursday morning in Curridabat.

Two police officers suffered bullet wounds and one of the suspects died in a shootout.

The events played out near Café Volio de Curridabat when two officers in a patrol car spotted the two suspects who seemed to be dumping items into the street.

The Judicial Investigating Organization later confirmed that the items were cell telephones and wallets that appeared to have been robbed from individuals on their way to work.

The Fuerza Pública gave this account:

The suspects dumped the motorcycle and fled into a lot. Police officer Fabián Herrera Ramírez caught up with one and engaged in a wrestling match to apprehend him. In the brawl, the man, later identified as a frequent offender with the last name of  Ledezma, fired and wounded the officer.

As he fled, he was confronted by another pair of officers. He opened fire and wounded officer Carlos Prado arrest0022015Portugués. Other officers cut him down.

The second suspect was tailed by a police dog named Lyra. He was later identified by the last name of Carmona. Police captured him near the Río Tiribí. That was about 8:30 a.m.

Both officers were reported to be critical but stable.

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