Rural 911 service seems uncertain

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

If you need an emergency service here in Golfito, there isn’t much. I phoned 911, now a couple of times in the past two weeks, first for a robbery, and then for an injury.

Now I know that 911 is useless for us folks in rural areas. First the operators, admittedly speak a little English, however as the  911 operators are likely in San José, and have no clue as to what is happening here in Golfito.

Second, 911 must not have caller ID, or a readily available map as they asked for my land line phone number, and all of this takes time to explain to someone who has absolutely no idea of where the location is.

I phoned 911 twice trying to get an ambulance here, and it still took over half an hour.  I got the Fuerza Publica here faster, amazingly, as they were flagged down on the road. And it still took another 15 minutes after the police called for an ambulance. We put a tourniquet on the injured individual, and waited, and waited. We had someone drive to the Golfito Red Cross, and there were three ambulances in the garage, but no drivers available!! They had to call one from Río Claro.

Costa Rica makes everything difficult, they must do this on purpose, as a call to 911 should be a simple task, with a prompt response!! When I was robbed, no problem with time, (took about an hour to respond) but needing an ambulance for a person who is bleeding profusely, I needed someone here, NOW.

All of this expensive stuff like 911, must work well for you wealthy folks up there in San José. Shame on the CR government for their lack of concern for the rest of the country, outside of the Central Valley.

Glenn Klima

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