Ryan Piercy is home, but many questions remain

Ryan Piercy has returned home, but many questions remain about his disappearance.

Piercy is the general manager of the Association of Residents of Costa Rica. He is a Canadian who is naturalized as a Costa Rican. He is well-known by many expats.

Piercy, 45, arrived at his Heredia home shortly after midnight Sunday. Investigators have yet to interview him. The Judicial Investigating Organization had remained mum on the case, although the association said that Piercy had been kidnapped.

Judicial police are expected to address the case today. Informal reports say that a ransom had been paid via a European bank. A Spanish language newspaper had reported earlier that kidnappers wanted $250,000.

As had been the case in the 32 days that Piercy had been missing, there was no response from those in his home.

In addition to his role at the resident’s association, Piercy was involved in the family business, Casa Canada.

That firm handles investments for expats. By necessity.

Piercy is listed in many corporate papers as the responsible party. This is not unlike many lawyers who also provide this service to foreign owners of corporations.

The Spanish press seized on this fact to suggest that Piercy was wealthy.

In contrast to the Piercy case, Judicial police quickly detained two men and two women Saturday night in the kidnapping and extortion of a 43-year-old Curridabat businessman. The man was kidnapped Friday, and an associate paid 8 million colons, about $15,000, as a ransom.

After the man was liberated in AserrĂ­, agents said they stopped a car in Pavas to make the arrests. One of the women is 16 and considered a minor by the courts. The other woman is 22, said agents. The men were listed as having ages of 22 and 27.

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