The bad luck has been postponed until October

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, so it is a good thing the unlucky day is not respected in Costa Rica or Latin America.

Don’t think for a minute that Ticos are not superstitious. They just have not adopted Friday as the bad luck day. For them, Tuesday the 13th is the day to stay in bed with the head covered.

There are all kinds of claims as to why Friday the 13th is supposed to be a black
day. These range from the number of diners at the Last Supper to historical events that took place on that day.

Some folks are convinced when something bad happens to them on that day.

So for years, they exercise a special caution then.

One cannot have superstition without believing in some great force that moves the universe and creates events.  Ticos are highly religious, so it makes sense that superstitions prosper here.

But expats here can relax because the next Tuesday the 13th is not until October.

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