There were just $113,000 in small details that were not mentioned

When the Ministerio de Hacienda outlined the money it would save by purchasing a 5,200 square meter office building, there was a slight omission.

A lawmaker, Johnny Leiva Badilla, who is a member of the  Comisión de Gasto Público, said that there were a few financial loose ends in the $121.7 million deal. Among these were proposals to spend 23 million colons to remodel an office for the minister, two of what were described as crystal desks for 12 million colons and a gymnasium for 26 million. The total was about  $113,000.

There also were proposals to purchase more than 100 other desks.

The ministry said it would save money by buying a building instead of renting the 13 locations in the Central Valley where it now has contracts.

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