Visiting artists honored in San Ramón

Two artists from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Emilia Brintnall and Rose Luardo, capped a month-long residency with a show at the Museo de San Ramón Friday,

The exhibit captures the pair’s experiences in Costa Rica and the intermingling of several art disciplines. Ms. Brintnall is a visual artist and dancer. Ms. Luardo is a performance and fabric artist.

The pair have been working with artists of all ages of San Ramón. The main message of the event was to create visual art that crosses both cultural and generational boundaries.

Other local artists participated, including an 80-year-old resident of Hogar Ancianos who created a woven work of fabric roses.

The Philadelphia artists’ residency program is operated by Odysseys Costa Rica located in San Ramón. The program is based on the belief that creating great art across borders opens up human hearts and challenges barriers that separate them, organizers said. This is the third Odyssey event promoted by the Community Action Alliance’s Cultural & Social Committee. artists021015

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