What’s that big yellow ball in the sky?

Here comes the sun, and we are happy to see it in any form.  Be it dappled, filtered, shaded, or bright, after months of rain and more rain, torleyheader062314we are going to welcome it with open arms; bare arms to be exact, and bare backs as well.  Up here, where we live, we had 16 feet, 9 inches of rain last year, daily rain from sprinkles that sparkled in the sun to downpours that obscured things only 20 meters away (that’s about 70 feet for the metrically challenged like me).  It was rain that drowned out conversation and  drove us to bed in the early evening with prayers for sun on the morrow.

But no more!  We have seen the sun now for three days in a row and are fairly convinced that there is more sun to come – and none too soon for gardeners like me who miss picking cherry tomatoes from the plant (and having only half of them reach the kitchen).  Seriously, I may succumb to the temptation of starting a small greenhouse just to grow them.  My friend Carla has a lovely glass enclosed space and can grow anything. I am green with jealousy.

Let’s face it, that was a long and tedious rainy season for those of us in the Arenal region.  Okay, we know that we may have to water our vegetable gardens in the months ahead and we don’t care!  We just want to wander through our flower beds without sinking in the mud and enjoy – yes, actually enjoy – weeding without having to wear a raincoat.

But I am rambling.  This is indeed the time to get those tomatoes in the ground and watch them go to work producing that red ripe fruit we love so much.  Time to get pepper seeds started and put radishes into the ground.  It’s also time to watch for tiny buds on some of our fruit trees – my mandarina (that’s a tangerine for all you newbies) has tiny white flowers started.  Two years ago it produced a ton of fruit, but last year it produced no fruit at all, so seeing a few buds give me hope.  We had a “sierrista” here the other day (and don’t ask if that’s spelled correctly but it means “an expert chain saw user”) and he pruned branches from the tree that were loaded with strangler fig vines.  Maybe the tree will be healthier now and fruit well for us.

Whether the manderina fruits or not, it will enjoy the sun.  I certainly intend to.

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