Catholics take to the streets to proclaim their faith

Catholics by the hundreds turned out Monday night for a procession in downtown San José. The walk from the Mercado Borbón to the Catedral Metropolitana made the television nightly news.

But there were other more humble processions all over the country to mark the sacrifice of Jesús Christ, according to Christian tradition. The processions were called the Via Crucis or Way of the Cross. Each stop represented a biblical account of the Passion of Christ.

The tradition calls for neighbors of a local church to put out crosses or other indications of where the procession should stop for prayers. The final stop is prayers followed by refreshments.

Downtown, a platoon of priests led the cross033115faithful in song. Archibishop José Rafael Quirós carried a tall wooden cross.

In the La Uruca parish of the Natividad de la Virgen María a sound truck led the 30 or so faithful to make the rounds of the neighborhood. A parishioner carried the wooden cross that bore the sculpture of the crucified Christ.

Rather than a somber event, there was a sense of community in prayer. There were children and seniors.

That scene was replicated at most Catholic parishes Monday night. The cathedral will grab the headlines with a series of processions this week culminating in a joyful procession of Resurrection Sunday morning.

But the local churches will have their own less elaborate events for the faithful.

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