Contraloría echoes plan for private universities

The Contraloría de la República has issued a critical report of the agency that controls private higher education in the country, and the report mirrors proposals by the government to make changes.

The minister of  Educación Pública, Sonia Marta Mora Escalante, said Tuesday that reforms in order to improve the quality of education will be offered for comment in April.

The Consejo Superior de Educación Privada is the government entity that supervises private higher education. The Consejo Nacional de Rectores approves courses of study.

The Contraloría noted that 85 percent of the curriculums at a selection of  23 private universities were more than 5 years old. The government proposed to legislate reviews every five years.

The Contraloría also criticized the Consejo Superior for being slow to do inspections.

The government has proposed a bill that would allow it to supervise tuition at the private universities.

The Contraloría said it found significant differences in tuitions and related fees at nine universities and that the differences ranged from 70,000 colons to 282,000 colons.

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