Costa Rica must preserve its unique aspect

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Since we know you personally as visitor to our home, we wish you had taken up the invitation we made to attend with us the lecture today by Steven Druker.  In the late 1980s, the then-president of Costa Rica, invited Michio Kushi to speak at a conference in this country warning of the problem of dietary dysfunction due to the fast food industrialization of the food chain.  Kushi urged Costa Rica at that time to consider becoming the first country to adopt an organic traditional diet based on whole foods, particularly whole grains.

After many years of leaving their heads under the sand during the 1970s both the Harvard Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine along with the U. S. Senate and the Smithsonian have all concurred with the dietary recommendations of Michio Kushi who publicized the teachings of George Ohsawa. Ohsawa’s first book in English, “Zen Macrobiotics” started the change to natural organic food selections which now results in billion dollar companies like Whole Foods.

If either of these men were alive today, they would consider genetically-modified foods to be insane.  What GMO has not had enough time to create is dementia, Alzheimer’s, abnormalities like four arms and six legs, but if it continues to be in the food chain it may be late to bar the door.

A small country like Costa Rica cannot afford to become the servant of large multi-national food corporations and lose the one unique aspect we have today.   I hope that this group who invited Druker to the University Medical School will file a plea against this with the supreme court of Costa Rica since they have the science background to address this issue.

We were ecstatic to also note that Druker commented on the danger of synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
Lic. Angela Jiménez Rocha

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