Dancing painter’s expo opens Saturday

Artist Rebeca Alvarado Soto opens her newest exhibit “Tropics” Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery in Liberia.

“Tropics,” presents the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, with the colors demonstrative of Guanacaste.  More information is available from the gallery at 2667-0592 / 8386-6872, or by email at hiddengarden.thevanstonegroup.com.  Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Delicate combinations of textures and colors on canvas are focal points of the vivid and pulsating artworks created by Ms. Alvarado, the gallery said in a release.

Much of her focus includes activities relating to her ballet, having most recently performed in “Desde de Sur” at the Teatro Nacional in San Jose.

The artist was born in Costa Rica and formally educated as a psychologist. She has had careers in psychology, dance and choreography as well as art.

“Ballet makes me see the human body in special way, because dancers use body language to communicate special things to the world that maybe can’t be defined with words or writings,” she was quoted as saying in a gallery release. “Dancers have a sensibility to share and feel strong emotions, as to painters: each has a special connection with their souls and minds.  Dancing allows me to transfer all of that to the canvas … in colors and textures.  Each discipline influences the other.”

“Every time I am in front of a canvas, it invades and transforms me, and it’s amazing,” she said. “I don’t think when I paint; I let myself be carried away, and my thoughts and feelings appear on the canvas.”

When she paints, she dances, and when she dances, she paints. They are interrelated, and cannot be separated, she said.dancingartist030315

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