Druker presentation will be Tuesday on genetically modified crops

A press conference planned today by U.S. lawyer Steven Druker and Jane Goodall is not open to the public. But organizers said that the pair will give a public presentation Tuesday at the University de Costa Rica.

Druker is the author of  “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth,” which recounts his negative opinion of genetically modified foods.

Dr. Goodall wrote the forward. They were the topic of an A.M. Costa Rica news story Thursday, but the public presentation has not been announced. A spokesperson for organizers said that more details will be given today or Monday.

Some readers have expressed an interest in hearing their views.

The visit dovetails with a renewed push by opponents of genetically modified products. They seek legislative action to mandate a national moratorium on planting such crops.

They also want President Luis Guillermo Solís to issue an immediate decree banning the practice.

The controversy joins opponents of the Monsanto Corp, with conspiracy theorists and others suspicious of science.

Genetically modified crops are considered equal to the non-modified version.

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