Embracing cultural differences urged

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am a one and a half year visitor here in Costa Rica, awaiting my residency as a pensionado, which I filed within 24 hours of arrival. The reasons that I came here are still strong in my mind and heart. Amazing weather, incredible biodiversity, reasonable cost of living, different cultural experiences. Having worked with, and in Mexico for about 16 years, I understand differences in national characteristics. It seems, from some recent posts in your publication, that many either forget, or refuse to accept the fact that they are guests in a foreign land.

There is no benefit in renouncing non-American characteristics here in Costa Rica. There is every benefit in embracing the cultural differences here. We “foreigners” need to accept and understand that this country has existed with its own style for centuries. There is no reason to try to change things here, and every reason to accept things as they are.

Without digressing into detail, I suggest that those who are unhappy here do indeed find somewhere else to live.

Bob Brashears
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