Emergency commission expresses its concern about Turrialba volcano

The national emergency commission said that scientific indications suggest that the Turrialba volcano is headed to an event of great magnitude.

The commission issued the summary after a meeting of its board of directors. It said that although eruptions cannot be predicted that preparations are important at the family and community level.

Many neighbors of the volcano already have moved to other areas. Still there are some farmers and their milk cows remaining. Some farmers are commuters who drive there daily to take care of their animals.

The commission, formally the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias, is seeking to fix up the access roads to the communities around the volcano so that they are ready for any needed evacuation.

The commission is basing its efforts on a study done of material ejected from the volcano last Oct. 29. The material contained magma that is suggestive of an eventual full-scale eruption. The material shows that magma is moving toward the surface.

The mountain is emitting mostly steam and gas now. The acidic gas is causing damage to the vegetation where it lands.

The commission’s announcement did not mention the efforts by politicians and tourism operators to reopen the national park adjacent to the volcano. But it did stress the continual menace that the volcano represents.

The commission said that it is working with local emergency committees to set up simulations to provide training.

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