Environment minister says he seeks action

Expats on the Caribbean coast are thrilled that the environmental minister has responded to their complaints.

A reply from the minister, Edgar Gutiérrez-Espeleta, was posted on a local discussion list. It was addressed to Carol Meeds, one of two expats who faced criticism from the local mayor.

The minister said that he was asking subordinates to follow up on the complaints of expats and report back to him. Ms. Meeds had written him seeking help.

The expats have been vocal about environmental degradation, and the mayor, Melvin Cordero Cordero, invited them in a letter posted to the municipality’s Facebook page to leave the canton and perhaps the country.

The expats say they continually file environmental complaints because no action is taken.

“Please, keep on taking care of our resources in the Caribe Sur and letting us know your views,” said the minister. “Costa Rica becomes greater and nicer with people like you and Philippe!” he added referring to the other expat, Philippe Vangoidsenhoven.

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