Food marketers have reduced the size of their containers, ministry finds

The consumer surveyors for the economics ministry have figured out how some food marketers are holding the line on prices.

The surveyors looked at prices of typical Semana Santa foods, both canned and fresh, in some 40 stores.

Among their findings is that some firms have reduced the content in their packaging.

Four producers of canned tuna have reduced the size of the containers from 120 to 100 grams, a 17 percent reduction, the surveyors reported. Five have reduced the size from 120 to 104 or 105 grams, a 13 percent reduction. Other firms also have cut the size although for a reduction of from 8 to 12 percent, they said.

Consequently, the report made heavy use of the per-unit price of items. And that showed the usual wide differences.

In checking the price per unit of cans of palmito or palm hearts, the surveyors found prices of from 4.73 colons per gram to 10.98 colons. A 220-gram can may sell for prices from 1,040 to 2,415 colons.

The report from the Dirección de Apoyo al Consumidor urged consumers to use the per-unit price in determining the real costs of food products.

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