For most of the country the rainy season will be drier this year

The rainy season is approaching, but this year all but northern Limón province is expected to have less rain than normal. The reason is the influence of El Niño in the Pacific.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that it expected the southern Pacific to begin the seasonal transition soon with the rains expected between April 1 and 5. The central Pacific will undergo a change in the last week in April while the Central Valley will be in the grips of the rainy season around May 6 to 10, the institute said.

The northern Pacific is the first region to enter the dry season and the last to see the rain again. This year that will be about the middle of May, said the institute.

Guanacaste again is expected to endure another drought with about 29 percent less rain than normal. That area and some of the rest of the country is under an emergency alert.

Deficiencies in other areas of the country except northern Limón province are expected to range from 3 to 8 percent, said the institute. Limón is expected to have about 21 percent more rain this year than normal.weather032415

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