Golfito expats face a growing wave of criminality

Expats in the Golfito area say they are under siege from home invaders and other varieties of crooks.

The situation is so bad that the consul general of the U.S. Embassy, Ravi S. Candadai,  visited and drew about 40 U.S. citizens to a meeting.

The embassy staff never has mentioned the situation publicly, but the topic came up at a meeting March 13 of wardens, expats who help spread embassy information.

Long-time area resident Patrick O’Connell estimated that an expat family in the region faces a home invasion about once a week. Probably everyone he knows has been a victim, he said, adding the consul general paid a visit on the local judicial police.

O’Connell was not too complimentary about law enforcement. One time he turned a crook over to police, but the man was on the streets before O’Connell finished filing out the complaint, he said.

His comments square with others who live in the area. They have contacted A.M. Costa Rica to complain about the growing criminality. Golfito, a port town, is in the southwestern part of the country.

Glenn Klima of Purrujah, Golfito, complained last month that investigators took eight hours to come to his home after a robbery. He also said that the local Fuerza Pública station could use repairs.

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