He is convinced humans are the cause

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

You ask, in your editorial, why Costa Rica should attempt to become carbon neutral, while we live amidst volcanos venting all manner of gases into our atmosphere.

There is nothing we can do about volcanos yet, but that does not give the government, or any of us, an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for factors we can influence.​

In response to Mr. Bill Pitts and Mr. Albert Lusk, there may be some in the consensus – and it is indeed a consensus – who hate fossil fuel energy, some “anti-capitalists” (whatever that means), and a few ambitious and unprincipled scientists trying to get ahead (or sponsorship), but not many.

I am a capitalist, love fossil fuel energy and have no wish to be published in any scientific journal! And I am firmly convinced that man’s activities are harming our environment and compromising our future enjoyment of reasonably clean air and water.

However I do believe that all this argument is a waste of time, especially in the hyper-polarized environment gripping North America. But I must commend you, sir, for your common sense exhortation to simply get on with cleaning the planet up.

Mark Rhys
Santa Barbara, Heredia


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