Holiday food survey turns up the expected vast differences in prices

An economics ministry survey for consumers once again has found vast differences in food prices. The survey, done in the middle of the month, was in anticipation of Semana Santa.

They visited 40 stores in the metro area.

Surveyors checked the foods, like sardines, that are traditional this time of year.

And it was Madrigal sardines in an 88-gram can that showed the biggest price difference, some 152 percent. Calvo tuna in a 120-gram can showed variation of up to 77 percent in thestores, said the report of the survey.

There also were vast differences reported in similar items, such as frozen fish and miel de chiverre. The last, a product made from a very durable squash, is a Semana Santa favorite. Surveyors found a 123 percent difference among stores.

Fresh fish also showed big differences. Tilapia showed a 148 percent difference while cod had prices that were twice the lowest amount.

The ministry’s consumer office also noted that some manufacturers have reduced the size of their cans. The survey report urged shoppers to check the unit price.

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