Judicial agents make another raid on suspected prostitution operation

Judicial police raided a San José night club Friday night in another effort against pimping. Two persons, a man, 65, and a woman, 51, were detained, said the judicial police.

The raid was by the Sección Delitos Contra la Integridad Física, Trata y Tráfico, which has conducted two similar raids of prostitution locations in the last two weeks.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that 15 women were present when the raid took place. Two of them were with customers, agents said.

The places that have been raided are mostly patronized by blue collar Costa Ricans. Law enforcement agencies make a show of cracking down on vice before major religious holidays. Easter is April 5.

The Judicial Investigating Organization made a point of saying in a release that agents received confidential information that in the night club women maintained sexual relations with clients in exchange for money.

The same could be said about every night club in the metro area, as well as a number of pensions, small hotels and massage parlors.nightclub032315

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