Lab workers seek chemical residues on veggies

The Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado has modernized its laboratory and now calls it the most modern in Latin America.

That is why the government agency said it will expand its search for pesticides and other harmful chemicals on vegetable products.

In the past, the lab workers were on the lookout for 75 different products. Now some 61 have been added to the list. Some of these are chemicals that would cause rejection of Costa Rican products at foreign borders.

The agency said that it hoped to increase to 365 by 2017 the number of chemicals sought.

The residue samples used by the lab workers come from national products as well as products imported from other countries. The local products come from farmer’s markets, vegetable wholesalers, packers and even supermarkets. Technicians even check organic markets.

Pesticides and other chemicals are used heavily in Costa Rica.

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