Marine League is looking for a few good donors for wounded warriors

The Marine Corps League plans to bring 10 wounded warriors to Costa Rica in April are moving along.

The organization said Monday that round trip air tickets have been obtained and that Marines at the U.S. Embassy have arranged transportation.

In addition, the Quepos Marina has arranged three sports fishing boats for half day excursions and Oceans Unlimited Diving there will provide diving instructions and a dive. There also is a jungle trip planned and horseback riding, the organization said.

The Wounded Warrior program is an official U.S. Marine activity to benefit those who have suffered war-related injuries. The League said that all the visitors are ambulatory, although a few use canes.

Now the league is seeking donations for housing and food. “We can’t expect the warriors to sleep on the beach and eat MREs,” said the organization, referring to meals ready to eat, the modern version of military fast food.

Those wishing to donate can contact Steve Silva, Wounded Warrior Program fundraising coordinator at 8357-7985 or email

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