Mercado Central plans fish festival

The Mercado Central de San José generally has not been known for its marketing efforts.

Until now.

The merchants who sell fish at the 135-year-old market have announced a promotion complete with mascaradas, music and face-painting for the kids.

The event begins Saturday and runs through next Wednesday. The merchants, members of the Union de Comerciantes Pesqueros del Mercado Central say that a recent economics ministry survey verified that they have low prices.

Sea food is a traditional meal during Semana Santa.

The central market is a place where shoppers can find about anything. There are a number of butcher shops and fish merchants as well as tourism stores, flower shops, coffee vendors and small restaurants. The market is a tourism stop, too.

The market is on the pedestrian walkway in San José that used to be Avenida Central, between calles 6 and 8.

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