Mixing politics with science is unhelpful

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

In these times of extreme political polarization, especially in the U.S., a subject like the safety of GMO, which should be relatively simple science,  gets dragged into the cesspool of politics.

Druker’s stance — although I haven´t read his book and am responding to A.M.´s rather convoluted conclusion that because Druker´s and Goodall´s crowd have “probably never hoed corn rows,” that Monsanto and the U.S. government who works for them, should be allowed to freely disseminate glyphosate, and other toxic compounds into the environment — seems more of a political manifesto, rather than a scientifically based publication. Their misguided approach of mixing politics with discredited research, is unhelpful to their cause.

While AMCR may be correct in arguing that GMO as a process is scientifically safe, they are mute in addressing the real threat, which is the way corporate oligarchs have come to control governments. They (AMCR) are good at pointing the finger at those pointing the finger, yet seem to be in favor of business as usual as the oligarchies continue unchallenged at writing free trade agreements which tear away at constitutional guaranteed sovereignty rights and give the oligarchs  monopolies on various levels of commercial farming, while wielding unbridled, and therefore unacceptable power over human, and environmental health and safety.


Hari Singh Khalsa


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