Motorcyclists hold first place as victims

Riding a motorcycle can get hazardous to your health.

More precisely, riding a motorcycle when you are sleepy or drunk at night can be hazardous.

Each weekend law and traffic officials report vehicle deaths where one or more of the victims were on a motorcycle.

The Dirección General de la Policía de Tránsito confirmed the trend Thursday, and said that 20 of the 68 vehicle deaths in the first two months of the year were motorcyclists. Only 18 of the dead were in conventional vehicles, the report said.

The 2014 statistics show a similar trend. Of 355 motor vehicle deaths in 2014, 114 victims were on a motorcycle, said the agency.

Motorcycle deaths typically involve running off a road late at night or early in the morning or colliding head-on with an oncoming vehicle. Police say that motorcyclists are prone to pass a vehicle by encroaching on the oncoming lane.

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