Plenty of other pipelines have been built

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

In reading the various letters beginning Thursday last, am not sure whether I should laugh or cry given the continued alarmist hysteria.

During the six years that the KXL pipeline (+/- 1,200 miles) has been under microscopic review, about 10,000 miles of pipeline have been laid in the U.S.A., which goes to prove that some pipelines are more equal than others. The President himself has argued Keystone would worsen climate change, threaten the safety of farmers and landowners in America’s heartland. But, somehow those other 10,000 miles of pipeline would do no harm — imagine that.

President Obama has so kindly reminded us that the construction of the KXL pipeline entails “temporary” employment. Perhaps someone should inform the president that all construction sites, past, present and future, involve temporary employment.

Mr. Soon’s fossil fuel funding was first reported by The Guardian and has been leaked by Greenpeace since 2011 … not “just yesterday,” as stated by Mr. Jazwinski (letters Feb. 26).

To restate the obvious: weather has been changing since time immemorial. Will continue regardless what we do or don’t do.

Messrs Jazwinski & Krantowitz take umbrage with scientists and other organizations receiving  a few paltry million from the oil industry but obviously don’t have a problem with Mr. Steyer  (who made his fortune from fossil fuel) and Mr. Bloomberg (among others) who are unashamed to put their considerable fortunes and clout behind alarmism.  In Mr. Steyer’s case, one hundred million dollars has been promised.

Am curious to know what professional credentials are held by Al Gore, Rajendra Pauchauri (head of the IPCC), David Suzuki and numerous others who speak so eloquently on topic.

It is a matter of record that Tides and Rockefeller Foundations (among others) have contributed substantial sums towards funding protests in Canada to the detriment of our economy. I can only imagine the howls of outrage should we dare take similar action in the U.S.A.

For those who believe the 97 percent mythology, I recommend you take a moment to read the following article published in the Wall Street Journal HERE!

I agree we should try to be more gentle to this planet. It’s the only one we have.  That said, all the hysterical sky is falling absurdities won’t solve anything.  The realization that India, China, Africa, Russia, South and Central America and the Mideast (+/- 90 percent of the population) don’t intend taking positive steps any time soon, would suggest that taxing ourselves into oblivion isn’t the answer.

Oh yes, China did promise to respect us (in the morning?) in about 20 years or so (sarcasm intended)

J. H. Penner
Richmond, B.C.
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