Reader does not have any sympathy

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am sorry but, I can have no sympathy for retirees who don’t investigate the  What ifs in a major move like the one they made going to Costa Rica or any other country.

Especially with regards to health insurance and transfer of pensions. In Canada, even if you move from one province to another, your health coverage is suspended for at least three months. All health plans are provincial not federal.

The old age supplement is a top-up for seniors who are below the average monthly income needed to live relatively comfortable in Canada. The government shouldn’t be expected to pay this amount to seniors to live in another country, and they don’t. If this couple had asked the question, they would have received the answer.

During the 100 or so combined years they paid taxes in Canada they were totally covered for their health care and everything else the government does with their tax dollars. Based on the fact that they were at minimum jobs most of there working lives, they would have paid a very minimum in taxes. Certainly got more than they paid.

If  citizens then leave the country and decide to no longer contribute to the program,  what makes them think they have the right to any benefits.. Actually a Canadian living abroad for up to six months does  receive their health care and their supplement, which is very generous.

I don’t believe this couple would even qualify for pensionado status in Costa Rica as the Canadian dollar is 20 to 25 percent less than the US dollar.
That, is another topic.

Like everything in life, buyer beware!!! I would far sooner live a little poor in Canada than anywhere else in this world.

Brian Elmslie
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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