Ryan Piercy characterizes his abduction as extortion

Ryan Piercy said Monday that his abduction was an attempt of extortion toward Casa Canada.

Piercy is general manager of the Association of Residents of Costa Rica, and the association released the brief statement. He also is a principal in the family business, which is Casa Canada.

“We regret to notify the members that Ryan Piercy will not be returning to the office for some time, due to the stress of the recent situation, which has also caused a recurrence of his personal health problem,” said the statement.  “He would first like to thank all for their thoughts and kind support.”

But then the statement said that no more information would be released “due to the amount of misinformation that has already been published, in order to avoid further interference with the investigation.”

In fact, there has been little information published by legitimate news sources. There has been a lot of speculation on the social media outlets.

El Diario Extra, the Spanish language news source, did report incorrectly that one of the children of the Piercys had been abducted. However, the case has been unusual because of the lack of information from the Piercy family and investigators.

There was no secret that something was amiss. The car Piercy was driving turned up with the door open Jan 20, and police quickly relayed this information to reporters.

Piercy, 45, is a Canadian who is a naturalized Costa Rican citizen. Casa Canada was in the business of helping foreigners, mainly Canadians, make investments here.

Piercy returned home Feb. 22, and there were reports of a ransom payment.

The case caused concern among expats because many know Piercy and his disappearance made them feel vulnerable.

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