Semana Santa operations begin Saturday for police and Cruz Roja

Rescue and police agencies begin their Semana Santa efforts Saturday.

The security ministry said that the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas will have 25 of its boats on patrol off popular beaches. The Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea will have up to four aircraft in the skies, it added.

The Cruz Roja said that it will set up and maintain 148 first aid stations around the country and that ambulances and water rescue teams will be standing by.

In one development this year, the Consejo de Transporte Público said that bus operators can reduce their trips but may not eliminate them on the legal holidays Thursday, April 2, and Friday, April 3. Traditionally public bus transportation samara032515does not operate on these days, but this year the buses will run if the companies follow the edict.

The Consejo said that bus firms must make a clear announcement of the holiday schedule.

The Semana Santa schedule for Cruz Roja and the security ministry run through Monday, April 5.

Public employees are supposed to work through Wednesday unless they are allowed to take vacation days. However, President Luis Guillermo Solís said that he will be taking the entire week off. This did not set well with many of the public employees.

A.M. Costa Rica will publish during Semana Santa, but April 3, Good Friday, is one of the newspaper’s three annual holidays.

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