State secret excuse suffers setback

A lawmaker says that he will present a bill that will define the county’s state secrets.

The announcement comes from Rolando González Ulloa of the Partido Liberación Nacional. The impetus is the repeated use by the Luis Guillermo Solís administration of the term to hide information.

The administration suffered a setback Friday when the Poder Judicial announced that the Sala IV constitutional court once again told Cristina Ramírez,  to give a reporter the statistic on the number of inmates in the nation’s prisons. She had claimed the information was a state secret.

The Sala IV already had ordered her to give the information to a La Nación reporter, but her Ministerio de Justicia y Paz that runs the prisons appealed for clarification.

The court said it did not see how providing this information would damage the state security.

Casa Presidencial used the same excuse last week for failing to provide a reporter the list of visitors at the executive offices. Such information usually is public.

González Ulloa said he would like to know who was visiting, too.  Casa Presidencial said that the list might contain the names of confidential informants who visited the Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad del Estado that has offices in the same building in Zapote.

Lawmakers said then that the excuse was not plausible.

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