The holidays are a time to do some bootlegged construction

There might be a little hitch for do-it-yourselfers this week.

Usually Semana Santa and Christmas vacation are times when the municipal building inspectors are on vacation and some quick construction work can proceed unimpeded.

There’s no need for those pesky municipal permits as long as the job does not take longer than a week.

And then when the inspectors do return to work and drop by for a visit, there is the famous Costa Rican response of asking forgiveness instead of permission.¬† Or a homeowner might just say: “The bedroom? Heck, we built that seven years ago.”

Either way might require a little persuasion for the inspector, especially if the concrete still is wet.

But this week many municipalities are working two or three days. That means if the job is big, there are but four to five days to complete it.

This also is a good time to get rid of that unruly tree out by the curb. Religious hymns compete with sounds of chainsaws during Semana Santa. Getting permission to take down an urban tree is difficult. Trucking away the evidence is easier.

“Tree? What Tree?”

This type of approach usually does not work for expats, unless they are married to the inspector’s sister. But many have fun just keeping track of the construction marathon during the holidays.midnightjob033115

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