The never-ending battle against pot

The battle against marijuana is never ending.

Officers of the Policía de Control de Drogas just spent 10 days in various mountain locations pulling and burning marijuana plants. Most were growing in the wild.

The police flew in by helicopter in many of the remote areas.  They said they destroyed the weed in 29 locations, including those in Bocuare, Altamira, Monteverde, Cerro Congo, Seira, Chugui Guicha, Alto Piedra Meza and Dos Ramas de Espabel.

They said they pulled up 286,172 plants. Some were small plants and others were full grown and sporting buds.

The high Talamancas are full of wild marijuana plants. And there are cultivated areas there because marijuana is a cash crop for some of the native residents.

This was the first operation of 2015. Last year the police officers pulled up and burned eight tons of plants.marijauna030515.

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