The Semana Santa vacation rush begins today, as do religious events

Even though the central government is supposed to work through Wednesday next week, a number of independent agencies are taking off all of Semana Santa.

Still, traffic police will be enforcing the license plate restrictions in the metro area through Wednesday, the agency announced.

Plenty of private firms are letting their employees go today for a full week of vacation. This does not include retailers who will be working through Semana Santa.

At various churches, the faithful are preparing for processions, depending on the size of the congregation. There may be one or more times when they take to the streets.

At the San José cathedral some half dozen such events are tamarindo032715planned leading up to the much-photographed, funeral procession of Jesus late Friday afternoon.

Sunday is Palm Sunday for Costa Rican Catholics, and there will be a procession on Avenida 6 from the La Merced church to the cathedral that morning representing the biblical account of the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. This, too, is highly photogenic.

The Semana Santa dry law that forbids alcohol sales next Thursday and Friday resembles a checkerboard over the country. Some cantons are enforcing the law, and others are not.

Even in the face of the law, many tourism operations serve alcohol anyway with local police turning a blind eye.

Merchants may agree to use plastic cups instead of more traditional glasses.

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